Esthetic Services


It’s a little known fact, but many of today’s breakthrough methods for care of the skin have their foundation in technologies first used by eye care physicians and surgeons like Sarnia’s own Dr. Murari Patodia.

Today, through Patodia Eye Institute, Dr. Patodia is putting this vision-improving science to improve the way we look as well.

Make no mistake, how we look does make a difference, not only in how others see us, but in how we see ourselves.

Esthetic services are now readily available to soften or slow down the effects of nature. No, we cannot make you younger, but we can make you feel and look younger than you really are!

With a wide variety of esthetic services done right here at Patodia Eye Institute, you will see the benefits of technology that will have others wondering “why you are looking so good these days?”

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