• Week 22: When Can I Resume Normal Activities After Lasik? – Your Questions Answered with Dr. Patodia

    Today’s Question: When can I resume normal activities after lasik? The great thing about laser vision correction is that you can get back to pretty much normal relatively quickly. We do ask that you take precautions the first few days following laser vision correction to minimize excessive dryness which will help minimize the risk of developing microstriae. So during the first couple of days keep your eyes closed if possible. Don’t read or watch TV which will help reduce those microstriae. When we read or watch TV or are engaged visually to a significant degree we seem to blink less. So that’s the key. After a couple days you can return to more normal activities minimizing water in the eyes for the first few days is efficient. If you engage in forceful water activities such as water skiing or boogie boarding we really like to you to minimize those types of activities at least for the first 3 months but otherwise most activities with proper eye protection can be initiated within a week of having your laser vision correction.

    Next week: When can I start driving again after lasik?

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