• Week 20: Lasik after 40 – Your questions Answered with Dr. Patodia

    Lasik after 40

    Welcome back. I know a number of you have had and enjoyed excellent vision your entire life. Now you’re in your late 30’s, early 40’s, mid 40’s and things are just not a good as they used to be. The distance might not be as crisp but you are really noticing that reading up close is becoming difficult. Reading is impossible, reading your cell phone is becoming impossible and the computer is blurry. Well I am happy to say that we have a number of procedures that we will personalize to you to ensure that you get your best outcomes. For near vision which is reading, your cell phone, your computer which is intermediate and distance vision. The solution may include lasik or PRK with micro mono vision or it may include a Kamara inlay (We were the first in south western Ontario to provide this service) and sometimes it is clear lens surgery with a multifocal lens or sometimes it is micro mono vision with a clear lens surgery. I am happy to say that we have treated many patients in each of these circumstances with excellent outcomes. The only way to know if this is right for you is to book a free consultation with me. I am looking forward to meeting you at your consultation. Call us today at the Patodia Eye Institute Clinic. Thank you.

    Next week’s topic: Lasik following cataract surgery

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