• Week 19: How does lasik affect my night vision? – Your Questions Answered with Dr. Patodia


    How does lasik affect my night vision?

    Welcome back. This week we are looking at how your night vision is affected by lasik. You have probably heard from many people that they have had a lot of night vision problems when driving at night when they had lasik. That typically applies to laser vision correction, lasik or PRK that was done 20 years ago or more. We have learned a lot in the past 20 years and now with the IDesign sweet that we offer our patients. I can tell you that in a vast majority that your night vision will not be worse and in many circumstances people find that their night vision gets better. We also know with the IDesign sweet or our personalized custom lasik that you will get the best quality of vision possible for you. So I am happy to say that really modern lasik has minimal effect with your night vision.

    Next week: Laser vision correction after 40

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