• Week 18: Does insurance cover the cost of lasik and is there financing? – Your Questions Answered with Dr. Patodia

    Does insurance cover the cost of lasik and is there financing?

    Welcome back, this week we are looking at the financing options and insurance options. Lasik is an investment but I can tell you, every patient that I have seen have lasik tells me that it is the best money that they ever spent. They live and enjoy every waking moment of that investment – the gift of excellent sight. However lasik is not cheap, so does your insurance help out? It depends upon your insurance plan. Some plans will cover a nominal amount to a very substantial amount. We will provide you with all of the paperwork you require to find out if you are covered through your insurance company. What about laser vision correction and financing? Well if you can afford the cost of your cell phone package we have financing plans that work the same way. For as little as $8 a day you can have laser vision correction and enjoy that clear vision every waking moment. Another item is that some people have something called a health care spending account. This is an account that can save up to $2000 per year towards any medical expense that you personally feel or deem necessary. Laser vision correction certainly applies to that. So if you have access to those funds what better way to enjoy those funds than with crystal clear vision. Please book a consultation with me to see which options work best for you. Call us at our office 519-336-4448.

    Next week: How will my night vision be affected by laser vision correction?

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