Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking (KXL) is a surgical procedure used to strengthen a weakened cornea. The most common cause of a weakened cornea is called Keratoconus.

LASIK-Xtra™ is an addition to the normal LASIK procedure which is designed to minimize the weakening effects of LASIK on the cornea by strengthening it with cross-linking treatment. Corneas normally become thinner after LASIK because the excimer laser used removes tissue and especially after Standard or Custom LASIK is performed with a blade that creates a much thicker flap than a blade-free procedure.

This effect is more marked when higher degrees of spectacle power are treated. In a small percentage of cases, this thinning causes the cornea to bulge forwards and become distorted in a condition called corneal ectasia (keratoconus).


LASIK-Xtra™ is useful in cases where a very thin cornea is expected after the LASIK procedure. This would include cases of high spectacle power and patients with thin corneas before surgery. It also tends to ‘lock’ in the treatment, so that clients do not regress in later years, especially clients with farsightedness and astigmatism.

Ask for the 2-minute LASIK-Xtra™ upgrade during your LASIK or PRK Procedure, to return your cornea to its original pre-LASIK strength. This treatment is based on the most advanced KXL- corneal cross-linking technology now available at Patodia Eye Institute.

Dr. Patodia will advise you whether you should consider LASIK Xtra™. You might not be a LASIK or PRK candidate unless you agree to LASIK/PRK Xtra™.

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