• Recovering From LASIK Surgery

    Immediately after LASIK surgery, it’s important to follow the doctor’s instructions exactly to facilitate the healing process. This can include taking medications as prescribed, refraining from strenuous activity, and keeping the surgery site clean and well-lubricated.

    General Guidelines For Recovery

    While recovery periods are different for every patient, the following guidelines are recommended to most patients that have undergone LASIK eye surgery.

    • Avoid Rigorous Activities – It’s generally recommended that patients don’t participate in things like sports or other strenuous activities for at least one week.


    • Stay Away from Pools and Hot Tubs – Due to the risk of infections, it’s suggested that patients steer clear of possibly contaminated water until the eyes are fully healed.


    • Treat Eyes Gently – It’s very important that patients refrain from rubbing or squeezing their eyes for a few weeks after the surgery. Patients should also avoid things like makeup around the eye area for the first few days.



    Post-Surgery Care

    It’s recommended that patients keep their eyes closed as much as possible directly following the surgery. This can keep debris away from the surgery site, as well as reduce the risk of infection. Patients will need to arrange for transportation home, as it will take a few days to get acclimated to their newly improved eyesight.

    In all cases, patients will be sent home with a number of prescriptions. This usually includes antibiotics, as well as eye drops meant to reduce swelling and increase moisture. It’s imperative that patients follow instructions for administering medications to the letter.

    The Weeks Following Surgery

    Your doctor will schedule check-ups at regular intervals after surgery, and these can be helpful for getting questions answered and addressing concerns. Some pain or discomfort is common after the surgery, and this can usually be treated with over the counter pain relievers. It’s also recommended that patients wear sunglasses regularly after the surgery to prevent sun exposure.

    Things To Remember

    Blurry or unclear vision is typical for up to a month after the surgery. This is actually quite common and should not be cause for alarm. However, it’s extremely important to report anything out of the ordinary to your doctor. This can include extreme pain, decreased vision, discharge from the surgery site, or a continued sensitivity to light.

    When choosing Patodia Eye Institute for your eye surgery, you can rest assured that world-class care will be provided to you. This applies to both the surgery itself, as well as the critical healing period that follows. Our experienced surgeons will work with you to ensure the best possible outcome for your surgery.


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