• Your New Year’s Resolution for 2015

    It’s another New Year and along with all the festivities come the annual set of resolutions. Why not decide that this is the year you resolve to get great vision?

    new year's resolution

    The years go by so quickly don’t they? There are so many things we plan to do and so many things we never get to accomplish. Maybe you think, “My family comes first, my needs can wait.” Or, “I will put off getting my vision corrected just a little longer.” Normally you aren’t a procrastinator, (or maybe you are), but this is one decision that will change your life, so don’t hesitate another week or month to improve your vision.

    Your vision is important to you and Sarnia Eye, Esthetics and LASIK Clinic has the technology and the expertise to help you enjoy everything life has to offer. It doesn’t matter if you are nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism, or aging eyes. Dr. Patodia and the eye care specialists at Sarnia Eye, Esthetics & LASIK Clinic will suggest the best solution to address your particular eye problems. Depending on your visual issue, you will find the most technologically advanced treatment to correct your vision.

    KAMRA Inlay – the Near Vision Fix

    If you are have difficulty reading or focusing on objects in your near vision, the answer may be the KAMRA Inlay. This groundbreaking technology is available at Patodia Eye Institute and can even be done post-LASIK. For those with aging eyes or presbyopia, the KAMRA inlay will restore your reading vision plus your intermediate vision for tasks like working on a computer or clearly seeing the dashboard of your car. It will not affect your distance vision and yet you will be able to maintain your depth perception.

    The treatment consists of implanting a small ring under the surface of your cornea and onto the center of your pupil to reposition and pinpoint the light on your cornea. This in-office procedure corrects your near vision loss and restores the clear vision you desire.

    Intralase Custom LASIK – the Distance Vision Fix

    If you have considered LASIK to correct your distance vision, now is the time to make Patodia Eye Institute your destination for great vision in 2015. Contact us today to schedule your free LASIK evaluation and find out if you’re a candidate for the safe and effective surgery millions of patients brag about. It is safe enough for Navy fighter pilots and astronauts, and is performed using two different lasers to give you a precise outcome. It is bladeless and therefore safer than traditional LASIK technologies.

    In the first part of the treatment, the Intralase or femtosecond laser is used to create a hinged flap on the surface of your cornea. Once the flap is lifted to expose your inner cornea, a cool ultraviolet excimer laser beam is used to change the shape of the cornea to correct your vision. Once this brief treatment is complete, the flap is repositioned and you are on your way to great vision. The custom Intralase treatment corrects your individual eye imperfections using the wave guided laser, making this a more custom treatment for a more precise result.

    Another treatment option is PRK or Photorefractive Keratectomy which is chosen in certain circumstances. This is the preferred choice if your cornea is too thin to have LASIK. Here the surface of your cornea is removed to expose the inner cornea, which is then treated by the excimer laser. The healing process is a bit slower than LASIK, but the results are the same.

    If you have dreamed about better vision to enjoy your daily activities and to rid yourself of your contact lenses and glasses, let Patodia Eye Institute help you select the treatment best for you and your lifestyle.

    Refractive Lens Exchange – the Cataract and Focus Fix

    As with all the other treatment options available at Sarnia Eye, Esthetics & LASIK Clinic, refractive lens implants are also painless. In a fifteen-minute procedure, a new lens replaces the one in your eyes to give you your best vision possible. Whether your lens has become cloudy with a cataract, or you want to alter the focus of your existing lens, Patodia Eye Institute has a selection of lenses to help you see life clearer.

    Make this New Year the one you will never forget. Decide to finally improve your visual disability and experience great vision in 2015. Contact Patodia Eye Institute today.

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